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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Campaign Finance & Questionnaires

I attended a campaign finance seminar yesterday evening. I can spend up to $500 in the primary and in the general election campaign without creating a committee or reporting in detail, but local candidates can spend up to $1000 in each election. Meanwhile, my mail box is inundated by paper spam from outifts wanting to sell campaign materials. I need to do some pricing on essentials, like bumper stickers and yard signs, and find out what the other candidates are paying for those mini-programs on KOKO.

Meanwhile, the candidate surveys keep pouring in. One from another pro-choice group, one from a very conservative group, and one from pro-business group. Still none using electronic media - what, pray tell, is so difficult about making a survey available in Word format at a group's website? So it could be downloaded and actually TYPED and returned by email?
I hope that I'll get one from the NRA, seeing as I've been a member for about 40 years, but I doubt that I will. The NRA won't consider Libertarian candidates, even when we're sounder on the 2nd Amendment than the D or R candidates they endorse - to them, the winning percentage is everything since that's how they prove their clout.



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