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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Zoning and Such

My opinion of county-wide zoning is well-known around Warrensburg. I'm "agin" it - with good reason. If anyone hasn't read the Daily Star Journal article on a zoning appeal in Warrensburg, at least see the summary on my personal blog. Then you'll see why, if elected, I'll work to make it difficult for city folks to force zoning on those who live in the country.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

5 Months to Go

It's only 5 months until the General Election. Where does time go? I guess I'll need to start campaigning some.

As a first step, I've posted to my campaign website ALL of the 18 candidate questionnaires I've received and answered. I scanned them and put them into Adobe PDF format, a universally-recognized cross-platform one that anyone can read. Some are pretty big. To read them, go to OldDrum.Net a click on "Surveys".

I'm sorry to have missed the Knob Noster Fair this week/weekend, but my wife, Sandra, had a surprise visit to the emergency room last weekend and needed my assistance at home. Family needs ALWAYS come first. Anyway, you Knob Noster folks, I'm not ignoring you and I'll try to get some campaigning in over there later in the year.