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Monday, July 24, 2006

On the Radio

Since both of my opponents have "informational" programs on KOKO, I decided to do one myself. I'll be on every Wednesday for 15-20 minutes at 9:10 AM, starting July 25th. The first program will discuss my background, qualifications, and so forth. After that, it'll be mostly issues.

In Liberty

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Alvardo's off base again

Democrat Jeffrey Alvarado doesn't understand how the legislature is required to work. On KOKO today, he was upset that the legislature would have a special session to add people back into Medicare. He's for adding them, but doesn't understand why a special session would be required - he thinks new items can be considered during the "veto session." WRONG. During the "veto session" they can only consider overriding governor vetoes. That's why they call a special session in conjunction with the veto session.

Well, at least he's started discussing state issues a bit.


Informed Voters?

It apears that I'm the only candidate for 121st Dist State Rep who is making my views widely known. While I've posted all my answers to candidate surveys (20+ of them) on my website, my two opponents don't even have websites. I mean, why tell people where you stand when you can let them make assumptions from your "label."

Come on guys, get a website. Post your candidate surveys. Let's tell the voters where we all really stand.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Property Rights Position Paper

I have published a position paper with a short discussion of a number of property rights issues and my proposed action on each. This paper addresses eminent domain, tax increment financing, transportation development districts and zoning. You can see it at my campaign website.

My collection of candidate surveys is now up to 21. I have tried to be consistent in my answers, but subtle changes in the way many of the questions are asked make it difficult to give exactly the same answer to similar questions. Also, mst surveys want a "yes" or "no" answer to a complex question, and some are on issues I know little about (hey, we can't all be experts on everything!). In any case, they're all posted on-line at the campaign website.

If anyone has questions on my position on any issue, just ask. I'll do my best to give a straight answer.