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Saturday, September 04, 2010

2 months to election day

It's slightly less than two months until election day. I printed up little fliers stating my general qualifications and a few positions, but not the full gamut. As a realist, I believe that these positions are achievable (even if they are only partial steps toward a free society).

* Pass the FAIR TAX - get rid of taxes that limit incentive to produce.
* Decriminalize possession of marijuana, as a start to ending the war on drug users. Start with medical marijuana if we must, but empty the jails of small time users.
* Pass school choice and allow vouchers. Create better education through competition.
* Eliminate eminent domain abuse by stopping its use for "economic development." Homes & businesses should not be taken from one private party & given to another.
* Limit market-distorting "incentives," such as TIF, TDD, NID, etc. Too often they're issued on trumped-up forecasts & promises, and the taxpayers end up supporting much more than was expected. I'd like to eliminate them, but as long as other states use them, that's probably unrealistic.
* Sunset all taxes - There should be NO permanent taxes. All taxes should sunset in 10 years, requiring a vote to renew, unless tied to a specific bond issue (which should not be renewable).
* Stop legislating science - Renewable energy mandates cost us money and favor some technologies over others that may be more promising. Let the market decide.
* Stop legislating morality involving consenting adults - Get the state out of the marriage business (other than registering contracts), the adult entertainment business (remember, I said "consenting adults"), etc.
* Allow concealed carry by any adult who can legally own a firearm, without permission of the state.

I'm sure there's more that I can take a stand on. That's enough for now.


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