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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time to Think Libertarian

The primary election is over and Libertarians didn't get many votes. That's to be expected. Here are some reasons:

1. Who takes which ballot is a matter of record. Parties can have poll observers to see the if their loyalists are jumping ship. That discourages 3rd party voting.
2. Party primaries attract mostly party loyalists/activists. While. Few of them will vote outside their party, because many of them are 'true believers.' Fewer independent or swing voters vote.
3. People want to vote where there's a contest. The Libertarians had no opposed candidates.
4. Locally, many Libertarians decided to skip our primary in order to vote in a sharply-defind race for Associate Circuit Judge - and were pleased to contribute to Karl Timmermann's narrow victory.

Now that the general election campaign has started, I certainly hope people will take a close look at our Libertarian candidates. Most of us have websites where you can find out what our philosphy is and where we stand on issues due to come before the office we seek. For example, I have made clear my opposition to abuse of eminent domain, TIF, TDD and other government subsidies of businesses. I welcome people to look at my website to see not only my posiitons on this race but also what I've written on political issues over the past 9 years.



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